Obama presses for tough UN resolution on Syria

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday called for a resolution that will mandate consequences for Syria if the country fails to hand over its chemical weapons.

"The crisis in Syria and the destabilisation of the region goes to the heart of broader challenges that the international community must now confront," said Obama in an address to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Tuesday morning, Xinhua reported.

He urged UN Security Council members to approve a resolution that would "mandate consequences for Syria if it fails to live up to the plan of turning its chemical weapons stockpiles over to the international community."

"The Syrian government took a first step by giving an accounting of its stockpiles. Now, there must be a strong Security Council resolution to verify that the Assad regime is keeping its commitments. And there must be consequences if they fail to do so," Obama said.

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that his country wouldn't accept any UN resolution adopted under the Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which paves the way to military action in some cases.

The Russian stance came as the Western powers were mulling over a binding UN resolution on Syria under Chapter VII to ensure the compliance of Damascus.

The US and Russia reached a deal this month to place Syria's chemical weapons under international control before destroying them.

Festive glow: Quick facials to try at home

Besan and curd:One of the best and simplest facials is this age old besan and curd recipe. Take one cup of besam (gram flour) and mix it with half cup of curd. Add a pinch of haldi (turmeric) for its antiseptic qualities. Besan will help fight tan, while curd will make your skin smoother and shinier. You can indulge in this mask every fifteen days as it would even out your skin and help fight blemishes and pimples too.
This yummy fruit also makes for a delicious face mask. Just mash up a ripe banana and apply it on your face and neck. Wash off after half an hour. Your face will have a stunning glow and if you regularly do this, there’s no need to go for Botox ever! You can also add a little bit of honey to moisturize your skin better.
Another fruit that acts as a wonderful cleanser is papaya. You don’t even need to mash it up. Just cut it into slices and start rubbing all over your face and neck. Wash off after fifteen minutes for a fresh look. For added glow, use the besan-curd mixture after cleaning your face with papaya.
Milk facial:
It’s one of the most effective facials for instant glow. Get a packet of milk powder and mix it enough water to form a thick paste. Pour some milk on this mixture to make this facial a truly luxurious one. Coat your face with this mask and rinse off after half an hour. Your face will look fresh and rejuvenated. Milk will also help fight blemishes.
Egg facial:
Normal skin: Beat up an egg and apply all over you face. Wait for 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off. You’ll fall in love with your new skin. You may add a bit off lemon to the mixture if you can’t stand the strong smell of eggs.
Dry skin: Separate the egg and beat up the yolk. Apply it for half an hour and wash off after 30 minutes. The yolk is an excellent moisturizer that will keep your skin nourished.
Oily skin: Add a bit of honey to the egg white and apply all over your face and neck. You can say bye-bye to pimples and acne.
Tell us which facial you’re indulging in today!

Ways to use credit cards intelligently

Credit cards have turned into an essential part of modern day living as they make purchases and paying bills easy without carrying cash. They make life easy and help in keeping documentation of our expenditure and assist us dispute charges for undelivered and faulty things. Additionally, they facilitate us to get reward points. But on the negative part, the credit cards could make you splurge money and get into debt.

So, one need to be intelligent with his/her credit card, one requires to know the rules of the credit card usage. Below are few golden rules on how to use credit cards smartly-

1) Don’t keep many credit cards
It is a true fact that credit cards helps in urgent situations and ease spending. But keeping too many credit cards may possibly persuade us to splurge money, which may increase credit card debts that could be hard to recover from. Additionally, it is best to gain bonus points on one credit card, so that you could en-cash the points more swiftly.

2) Save and retain a crisis fund
Most of us think that credit cards can certainly help in medical and unforeseen crisis, but it is foolish to believe it as a general rule. A much better option would be regular saving for emergency fund. This will avoid getting under the pressure of credit card debt.

3) Repayment ability should decide the credit card spending
It is true that using credit cards instead of cash helps but this formula is only valid for purchases that one can repay for immediately. Consuming more than what you can repay is extremely uninvited and could get you into credit card debt.

4) Ward off cash withdrawals in advance
The best way is to live within your earnings and fend off making advance cash withdrawals even in crisis situation. This can prove to be the worst thing that can be done with a credit card. To save yourself from this trap, design a smart spending plan.

5) Abstain from bank transfers without convincing reasons
Refrain from making balance transfers from one credit card to the other to avoid paying balance transfer charge or else it may further increase the credit card debt that would turn in to a vicious circle. Although, transfer of bank transfers like taking benefits of lesser interest rates could prove productive.

6) Make complete payments on time
For using credit card intelligently you should make the repayments within a month or next billing date. Holding-up the payment could impact your credit repute and make you prone to pay at high rates of interest that are far beyond your budget. Not carrying any balance forward would lighten you from the pressure of getting into credit card debts.

7) Read and learn the credit card agreement terms properly
You must read and interpret the full agreement and other terms and conditions for the use of credit card. This comprises understanding transaction fees levied, interest rates, and under which conditions will increased rates for credit would be charged. This would help out in taking safety measures to avoid getting into increased debt on credit cards.

8) Identify the warning of credit card debt
Many deem a credit card a bonus and fall short of realising that they moving towards the trap of credit card debt. The best signs to identify such situations are like leaping a credit bill to pay another, evade credit card payment statements and charging more than your repayment potential by buying luxuries. Failing to save and sustain a crisis fund could also be another cause.

9) Never allow your credit card to be used by someone else
Don’t confide in others when it comes to the use of credit card even if they assure to pay back in time. It is risky because you will be accountable for the debt and charges. It is quite likely that credit card companies did not assign them a credit card considering certain unpleasant conditions.

World Bank approves funding for Myanmar power project

The World Bank Group (WBG) Tuesday announced that its board of executive directors has approved $140 million of interest-free credit to fund the installation of a modern power plant in Myanmar's Mon state.

The funding comes from the International Development Association (IDA), the WBG's fund for the poorest developing countries, Xinhua reported.

This effort is part of Myanmar's power expansion plan and the cornerstone of the WBG's support for the country's energy sector development, the WBG said in a statement.

"The World Bank Group provides financing, analysis, and advice, bringing good practices from across the globe to Myanmar's energy sector. We are also working to leverage private sector investments in power generation and distribution," said Axel van Trotsenburg, World Bank's vice president for east Asia and the Pacific.

The project will replace aging gas turbines with new units, which will produce 250 percent more electricity with the same amount of gas and reduce emissions.

It is the first step to bringing more and cleaner electricity to the people of Myanmar. In Myanmar, where more than 70 percent of the people have no access to electricity, turning on the lights is an urgent priority, the statement said.

Sensex falls 200 points on payoff in bank stocks

Indian stock markets came under selling stress on Wednesday trade as banking stocks underwent a selloff. The BSE Sensex was down 240 points while the broader Nifty fell 76 points.

However, the Indian currency gained 0.3 percent and reached to Rs. 62.56.

Regardless of a trivial retract in the previous session; market experts see a downside trend for the markets following the fresh highs.

According to reports, the fund manager at Sharekhan, Rohit Srivastava said “Markets made a significant top last week. Nifty's trend is seen on the downside. The time has come for Nifty to catch up with the broader market.”

Among the stocks, oil selling Public Sector Unit companies IOC, HPCL and BPCL fell between 1 percent and 3 percent following the Oil Minister’s statement that the government presently has no plan to raise diesel prices. Among blue chip shares, Reliance Industries Ltd is down by 3 percent, while HDFC Bank Ltd is down by 3.5 percent.

In other Asian markets, shares tripped and the dollar edged up in early morning trade on Wednesday, as fears about a potential U.S. government shutdown and ambiguity about the U.S. Fed Reserve's policy stance made investors cautious of taking hostile positions.

Reportedly, analysts at Credit Agricole wrote in a note to clients that “Sentiment remained somewhat subdued as investors stayed cautious amid lingering uncertainty on the Fed's stance.”

MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan slid about 0.1 percent, while Japan's Nikkei stock standard was down by 0.2 percent.

The dollar was barely higher against its Japanese currency, buying 98.76 yen, while it climbed moderately against a basket of six currencies to 80.588.

Renovation ideas to suit your budget

Before you get down to actually renovating your house, here are a few vital things which you need to sort out to avoid incurring extra expenses and stressing yourself.
  1. Plan a rough draft on a piece of paper by sketching what you have in mind as the new layout of your house. This will help you to be clear about the design till the last moment and you will also not get into last minute, unplanned expenses and stress.
  2. Whether you are renovating a room, or an entire house, make a list of all the things which need either to be replaced or repaired, and try and stick to it if you don’t want to incur extra costs.
  3. Be clear about your budget. Write down the cost of every object that you need to buy or fix. Also, take into consideration the service and emergency costs. Plus, if you are planning to paint and change the flooring, then also include this.
Here’s how you can plan the entire renovation according to the budget segment you fall into:
Spending Capacity: Rs. 35,000 – 50,000
Walls: If you think your walls don’t look that old and you can make do with the paint for some more time, then skip painting because it will consume most of your budget. Instead, to give a fresh look to your room, just get one wall in the room highlighted with either wallpaper or paint. You can look at interesting wall hangings that you can pick up for lesser prices from the internet or flea markets. Search your camera and laptop for the photographs you have taken, get them printed on large matt or gloss-finished papers and frame them with interesting borders.
Flooring: Changing the entire flooring will demand a lot of money, but if you are sick and tired of your current flooring, the best option would be to cheat. For all your rooms, including the bathroom, you can use mats, rugs and carpets to cover the floor and though you can do it for most of the visible area, even if you place it over a just a section, it will make a lot of visual difference.
Furniture: If you have some furniture already which you can repaint, repair and reuse, don’t look at spending on the new one. Remember that it’s okay to have a living room without a sofa. You can instead make the seating low by throwing in rugs and cushions and mattresses and lamps, and give the room a war makeover.
Spending Capacity: Rs. 50,000 – 75,000
Walls: You completely change the look and feel of your house by opting for a drastically different palette than the current one. While light shades make the room look bigger, darker tones will give an illusion of a closed, smaller space. These days, pastel hues of blue, yellow and green are in vogue and you can highlight certain areas with wallpaper, wall decal or a complimenting colour. Stark white and pastel is a good combination and so is ivory white and wooden brown. You can also look at tiles, specially for areas which are prone to getting dampness. It will last you for long.
Flooring:  Instead of changing the entire flowing, opt for carpeting certain key sections like the living and dining room. For the rest of the house like your bedroom and other rooms, you can look at placing mats or rugs.
Furniture: Revive your living area with a new seating arrangement, depending on the kind of look you want to give it. For an ethnic appeal, you can look at low seating and lots of lamps, knickknacks, traditional wall hangings which you can pick up from state emporia and wooden chests and stands to keep and display decor items. For a contemporary, modern look, go completely minimalistic and keep things geometrical and graphical like a single, longish piece of sofa and a striking graphic art on a wall to balance the layout.    
Spending Capacity: Rs. 75,000 – 1,00,000
Walls: Apart from pastel hues and combination colours of pastel sand whites, whites and brown and darks and whites and wooden, you can look at wall decals, which are quite popular these days. Even if you use decal on just one portion of each of the rooms in your house, it will totally uplift its appeal. You can also use slight wooden detailing on the walls and corners to give them a finished look.
Flooring: If you wish to change the entire flooring of the house, loot at floor papers, which would bring your cost drastically down as opposed to completely new marble flooring. Also thing about carpeting certain areas and using rugs and mats over the others.
Furniture: If you change some key objects like your living room seating, beds, cupboards and kitchen cabinets, most of your work will be done. Either get new ones or five a new look to the existing ones, the choice is yours, for instance, changing the upholstery of your sofa which will change its look is a much cheaper option than getting a new one. Similarly, you can look at repainting old wooden cabinets and chests with refreshingly new colours to give them a completely different appeal.

208 dead in Pakistan earthquake

208 dead in Pakistan earthquake
A total of 208 people have been killed in a powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Pakistan's southwest province of Balochistan Tuesday afternoon, an official said on Wednesday.

Jan Muhammad Buledi, spokesperson of Balochistan government, said 145 people were killed in Awaran, the most-hit area in the earthquake, 55 dead in Mashkai and eight died in Turbat, reported Xinhua.

Media reports said 395 people were also injured in the 7.7 magnitude earthquake.

East Bengal do India proud

East Bengal became the first Indian club since Dempo (in 2008) to reach the last-four stage of the AFC Cup, which is equivalent to Europe's Europa League. James Moga came off the bench to cancel out Padang's Edward Junior Wilson first half strike to edge past the Indonesian outfit 2-1 on aggregate courtesy the red and gold brigade's 1-0 win at home on September 17.

AIFF President Praful Patel lauded the Kolkata outfit for their achievement and wished them luck for the semis and said "I congratulate East Bengal Club for their historic triumph. I wish them luck for the semifinals."

So does this take the Indian football in the right direction? Will it bring in a sea of change? These questions were asked much before East Bengal's tryst with destiny started and will be asked after that too. The answers lies with the administrators who are still ruling the roost. AIFF shouldn't be proud of what they are seeing but must act quickly. If they are to attract fans to the stadiums, all the basic necessities should be fulfilled - stadiums, infrastructure, team academies and especially promote football.

For now, everybody should enjoy the success that East Bengal Football club has brought to this nation.

Guess who's back Man United? Luis Suarez

It's been 72 hours since David Moyes' men went down crashing by their 'noisy neighbours' in a 4-1 defeat that had the Scotsman using his own version of the 'hairdryer' on his players. And now to add more insult to this injury, the 'controversy's child' Luis Suarez will return to haunt them back as Liverpool and Manchester United go head-on in the third-round League Cup clash at Old Trafford. Suarez will be completing his 10-match suspension that had seen him biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic in April.

Now the striker, who was heavily linked with a move to the Emirates, will be seen once again donning the Red colour. His manager, Brendan Rodgers, told the media "It has been a really difficult time for him (Suarez) not playing games. How he has prepared himself over the last number of weeks has been fantastic. He's really chomping at the bit to help the team."

Even though his manager is 'excited' about his return, some are still questioning his loyalty towards the club. Former Liverpool great, Alan Hansen in his column for The Telegraph wrote, "Tend to think controversy will always follow Suarez, but you would hope he will not go biting anyone again!" We hope he brings the footballing part to the game at Old Trafford. When we spoke about it to an ardent football fanatic, Rohan Joshi, he said "He will be the difference between the two sides. Suarez must be gearing to come back after that 10 match ban and prove his worth to everybody. Even a 50% fit Suarez can kill any team possible including Manchester United." Ameay Dube who is a true Red Devil adds, "Even though I'm a United fan,  Liverpool has many in-form players which will be too much for Moyes and his team."

Liverpool fans were dreading of that day when their talisman would return to the team and alas, it has arrived! With in-form striker Daniel Sturridge scoring goals for fun, it will be exciting to see where Rodgers uses Suarez for the Old Trafford clash.

'Grand Masti' all about double entendres

We can re-christen "Grand Masti" as "Dildo Chahta Hai". And if that sounds crude then wait till you see and hear what Indra Kumar's new cocksure comedy has in store for you. There is no pulling back from the black hole of luridness this time.
I remember many of Indra Kumar's film featured a particular tree, which the director considers lucky. There is a tree here in "Grand Masti" too, where a rigid college principal hangs any student who looks with lascivious intent at the girls on the campus.

The three leering...sorry leading men who come together represent the spirit of defiant devil-may-care and chase women. If you feel movies that objectify women must be discouraged, then you are advised to stay as far away from this horny farce as possible.

There are the comedies. Then there are the SEX comedies. Filled with innuendos, suggestive leery double-meaning dialogues that make us chuckle and giggle even if we are not the sort who like to exchange dirty jokes in the SMS, "Grand Masti" has itself a ball at the expense of basic good taste.

The gags in "Grand Masti" unabashedly celebrate the puerile spirit of SMS forwards. If you packaged those pssst-pssst jokes from your puberty in plenty of loud aggressive dialogues loaded with double meanings and oodles of close-ups, you'd get into the spirit of "Grand Masti".

To their credit Aftab Shivdasani, Vivek Oberoi and Ritesh Deshmukh - now in their mid-30s - get into the spirit of the sex-comedy full-on. Oh, they love talking dirty!

The one thing that works fully in this film's favour is it unabashed homage to horniness. Our three heroes are perpetually aroused. To prove it they emanate moans groans and sighs constantly.

Kumar has never been a slave to subtlety. Here he pulls out all stops. He also pulls out other ummentionable objects that are defiantly pointed into our faces.

One really can't complain about the film's remarkably steep level of innuendos. Not a single member of the audience for "Grand Masti" expects anything but coarse humour borrowed from low-brow Gujarati plays.

Writer Milap Milan Jhaveri's wickedly wanton word-play leaves no space for subtlety in the script.

Stand-up comedian Suresh Menon shows up as a mock-villain wearing a golden underwear.

The obscenity flows out unstopped, unchecked, uncaring of rudimentary rules of decency. Having declared this to be irreverent territory director Kumar doesn't really care how lowbrow the humour gets. And the jokes happily really plumb to unimaginable depths.

More than the boys I salute the three pairs of ladies playing the trio of gharwallis and baaharwallis for surrendering to the sexually suggestive spirit of the proceedings.

The writing and direction in a film such as this is either a sign of absolute innocence about political correctness or indicative of an obstinate disregard for all good taste.

Why you should have siblings

Although I am not that senti, 'bhai-behen' love brings out the Meena Kumari in me. I never had to share my toys, books or clothes. In fact, I never had anybody to fight with or for. I never had anybody to defend or protect. Yes, as an only child, I have had a rather meh childhood. No 'sibling secrets' to share, no 'I will die for you' promises and certainly no 'fighting for maa-baap ka pyaar'. May be I am filmy or whatever, I miss having a sibling. The bond that you share with your sibling is one of the rarest in the world. It touches you on a level that no other relationship ever can. Boyfriends will come and go, friends will move apart, but a sibling will stick with you through everything...even when shit is hitting the roof and splattering all across the room!
I belong to the unfortunate lot that doesn't have a brother or sister to chill with, share stuff with and of course grow up with. I don't know what it's to tell on a sibling or to fight for them till hell froze over. But I do know from all my friends who have siblings that life is one big celebration with one of your kind around. Every kid should definitely have someone while growing up, else life becomes quite dull. I used to feel so lonely that I started making up my own characters (alter-egos) to play with. In fact, as a kid, I had even pretended to have a sister named 'Raji Preeti' who is always getting into adventures with me. It helped that I am a voracious reader as I could cook up extravagant tales about her. Oh, what joy!

But that phase didn't last long as my mother gave away the secret and I lost my bunch of friends who loved my 'adventures' with Raji Preeti. All my toys had siblings...whether they were Teddy Bears, Barbie dolls, Racing Cars or Stuffed Animals...all of them came with a sibling or two. It somehow made up for me not having one. I even had elaborate names and surnames for these toys and would only address them by those peculiar names.
Siblings complete you. You may be busy fighting over a pair of heels or who gets to drive dad's BMW, but when you grow out of these frivolous things, you'd realise what comfort and love siblings offer. You can tell them anything and everything as they are your first best friend, guide and also enemy. When you've lived a sibling, you can adjust a lot better while staying with roomies. Because you learn to share, care and protect. You start looking out for them and there's a certain code language that only you two can understand! Even if the whole world turns up against you, you know there's that one person who would stand by you no matter what. You may fight like cats and dogs, but when the world is out to get you, he/she will stand right in front of you, as your shield. I will never have that, you see?

Top 9 things to watch for in How I Met Your Mother season 9

While the mother will obviously be the main focus of the season there are some more stories that need to be completed before this legen-waitforit-dary show gets over, forever! I confess I may not cry in the finale episode as much as I did when FRIENDS got over but will surely miss Barney’s epic ways to get girls, Robin’s attempts to not fall in love, Lily’s obsession over managing someone’s life, Marshall’s humorous side and of course Ted’s failed but optimistic attempts to find The One! I have put down a list of top 9 things that we need to know before the gang at McLaren’s bids us farewell.
Slap Bet: In season two Barney lost a bet to Marshall over Robin’s actual past in Canada causing him to face the wrath for slaps henceforth. The wager was for Marshall to slap Barney 10 times in quick succession or get to slap him five times anytime in eternity. Barney made the fatal choice to choose the latter and across seasons he has suffered the consequences of this rash decision. Now after doing a tally and with what 3 slaps being added after the Ducky Tie incident, Marshall still has 2 slaps remaining. Which I am pretty much guessing is going to be used in Barney’s wedding. You ask what is Ducky Tie? Ah, well.
Ducky Tie: Here too Barney lost a bet to Marshall and in return was asked to wear a tie with ducks printed on it for an entire year. The only time he asked Marshall to excuse him for wearing the tie was when he wanted to impress his then-girlfriend Nora’s parents. While he did get out of wearing it but also had to give 3 more slaps to Marshall adding to the tally of the slap bet. In a scene from the episode titled ‘The Best Man’ in a flashforward Barney is seen wearing the Ducky Tie on his wedding day while talking to Lily. Looks like the tie has an important role to play in the wedding!
Something Old Locket: Right in the end of season 8 we saw Robin looking for her ‘Something Old’ to wear in the wedding. And since a teen she had a locket dug in one of the parks hoping to find it before wedding which will also signify that the Universe agrees with her decision to marry. Sadly in season 8 she doesn’t find the locket making her doubt her decision to marry Barney. But it is revealed that Ted holds her ‘Something Old’ locket and if the spoilers are to be true then he will be seen giving it to Robin on her wedding day. Now will this change the situation between Ted and Robin who already share an emotional past? We will have to wait for this one!
Barney’s job: We know what the rest of the gang members do for a living but ever wondered about Barney’s occupation? I find it a little intriguing that not even once in the entire 8 seasons has it been revealed what does for a living. And to top it all he always he has so much money to throw around looking at his expensive apartment and his rounds at strip clubs. All we know is he works in AltruCell Company which going by Marshall’s account of working in there do some shady business. But what is Barney’s role in that company? We know he’s a magician by heart but will someone please tell us about his real career?
Robin’s family: Over the period of 8 seasons we have come to know of Robin’s father, Senior Scherbatsky trying to make a son out of his daughter Robin. We even met Robin’s younger sister Katie in season 2. But who is Robin’s mother? Why haven’t she appeared even once in all seasons? She was mentioned once when Robin shared about moving in with her in Canada when her dad declared to not see a son in her but not visually. Now for her own daughter’s wedding will she be present in person to fulfill her duties as the bride’s mother? We are sure Barney and she will instantly hit it off!
Marshall’s big move: In season 8 finale Marshall was offered to become a judge but he already has plans to move to Rome with Lily who has been offered a job by the Captain to be his art consultant. So now will Marshall be the dutiful husband he always is and give up on his dream to become a judge or will he take matters in his hands? IF the couple were to really move to Rome, the end would be saddening to many fans, including me.
Barney’s reunion with father:  The last time Barney met his real father, things didn’t end well and we weren’t sure if the father will make an appearance again. Barney always have had issues with his absentee father and resented him for not being around to act as a parent eventually leaving him and his mother for another family. So will he give him the honor of participating in his wedding? Will Barney able to manage it?
Robin-Barney Wedding: After a lot of ups and downs, these two are finally getting married but still have 56hours to go before the wedding. When last seen in season 8, Robin has been having second doubts of whether Barney is really ready to settle down with her? Even Ted’s feelings for Robin resurfaced in the last few episodes finding it difficult for him to let go. So will the writers play with the Ted-Robin-Barney love triangle? I sure hope not!
The Mother: And finally and for obvious reasons the Mother! We know she is the Mother because of two reasons; a) She entered the scene with a yellow umbrella and b) Her first dialogue was, “One ticket to Farhampton, please.” As much as we are happy to finally have met the mother now it remains to be seen how she meets the father that is Ted and how this love story completes the main plot of the show.
Get ready to catch the final season from 23rd September onwards and like always it will consist of 24 episodes and probably if rumours are to be believed then a tale of two weddings!

Sonam Kapoor goes apartment shopping!

Sonam Kapoor has finally zeroed on a big house for herself. After considering various options, she has put an end to her month long hunt. It is said that for quite a long time Sonam was wishing for a place of her own. However, she has no intention to leave her parent’s house and relocate to a new apartment.
A source said, “Sonam was looking for a spacious apartment where she can meet the filmmakers, go through the scripts and rehearse for her roles. Also, it can easily double up as a venue for parties and events. The apartment is huge and meets her needs.”
The actress has been riding high post the success of Raanjhana and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. After being appreciated for her role in both the movies she has been getting a lot of scripts and needed her space to go through them alone.
The source added: “Sonam has finalized the property and the deal is in its closing stages. Her father, Anil Kapoor, is glad that she has been able to buy a property on her own steam. Sonam will also oversee the interior decoration of the house.”
Sonam will soon start working on her next project Khoobsurat which will be produced by her sister Rhea Kapoor.

A Sunday night-in with your partner 2014

It’s a Sunday evening and you both have spent the entire day at home snoozing, watching tv, doing household chores and other unexciting things. The feeling of boredom has started to sink in as also the Sunday evening syndrome knowing that Monday morning the daily office grind will start. This wasn’t clearly your idea of a perfect weekend but you gave in to laziness and couldn’t get your bottom out of the bed for anything worthwhile. Don’t worry, we have a plan for both of you which won’t take much effort from your end to actualise.
  1. An early dinner: Instead of stepping out to eat, prepare something quick at home.  How about pasta or some exotic sandwiches, which won’t take much of your time. If you both like to cook, it will be a great idea to break from the day’s monotony and bond over food with each other. 
  1. Spice up your bedroom: Nothing takes the dullness out of life than good sex, which is actually a mood enhancer and the best way to get closer to your partner. But, looking at your bedroom you think you would rather doze off than makeout, then you need to do something about it. Clean the room and put things into place. Change your bed sheet and put a fresh one, but, nothing gloomy. Arrange the pillows and bed cover. Turn off the tube light and switch on a lamp. Put a mild incense or room freshner. Incense is a better idea. Play some nice music and you are all set to rock the night. 
  1. Set the table: Clear out all the mess, wipe the dining table or wherever you are planning to eat, light up some candles, switch off excessive lights and make the mood conducive for an inmate conversation. 
  1. Pour some drinks: Before you start with your dinner, savour some glasses of wine or whisky or whichever is your favourite drink. Don’t hurry up and let the drinks to the magic. Indulge in a romantic, warm chat with each other. 
The final leg: Satiate yourselves with a good meal and head to your bedroom for some steamy sex, or however you like it. The trick is to start early so that you have enough time for a proper sleep before you take the stress head on the day after. 

تسلم الأيادي في الطابور الصباحي لأول ايام الدراسة

 What iPhone, iOS 7 for iPad Hands On Full Walkthrough Review 2014
nuclear energy renewable

فيديو مذيعات المسابقات 2014 youtube

 What iPhone, iOS 7 for iPad Hands On Full Walkthrough Review 2014
nuclear energy renewable

فيديو رقص بنت سعودية بقميص النوم شبه عاري 2014 youtube

 What iPhone, iOS 7 for iPad Hands On Full Walkthrough Review 2014
nuclear energy renewable

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