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Starpulse.com (blog)
- 2 minutes ago
Dean (Ryan Gosling) meets Cindy (Michelle Williams) when they're in their late teens; he's working for a moving company, she's a college student visiting her elderly grandmother at a home for the elderly. Cindy is dating Bobby (Mike Vogel), ...
Pioneer Press
- 6 hours ago
Shirley Henderson, Zoe Kazan and Michelle Williams in "Meek's Cutoff." Director Kelly Reichardt freely admits when her cast and crew were done filming "Meek's Cutoff," they were more than ready to see the back of her. "Leaving is always bittersweet ...
- May 05, 2011
Michelle Williams has admitted she was happy with the long dresses her character wore in new movie 'Meek's Cutoff' because she could pee easily in them. Michelle Williams loved the long dresses she wore for her new movie - because they were easy to ...
The Phoenix
- May 04, 2011
This does not impress Emily (Michelle Williams), who proves her mettle with increasing boldness as the trek continues. When she bumps into a Native American (Rod Rondeaux), the "Cayuse" who's been shadowing their progress, she flees to her wagon, ...

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