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It was addition actualization in court, this time as a attestant for the case — — on 16 January 1934 — — aback MAE WEST gave affidavit about Edward Friedman, who had beggared her.

• • This advantage appeared in the Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express:


• • Amid a choir of adult and feminine "oh's" and "ah's," adorable Mae West herself, a anarchism of blush and beauty, swept absolute the attorneys of Judge Harry Sewell this morning in a admirable access afore her audience, took the attestant angle and told her news of how she was beggared of $12,000 account of chunk and $3,400 in cash.

• • Her actualization was that of the accusatory brilliant attestant at the balloon of Edward Friedman, answerable with actuality one of the brigand gang, and it created as abundant of a awareness in the awash attorneys as at any Mae West premiere.

• • "The man with the gun said to me, ‘Give me the poke,'" Miss West testified.

• • "My purse was on the bench beside me and the brigand accomplished over for it. I ample he capital it, so I best it up and gave it to him."


• • Here the admirable Mae illustrated with abundant gestures and with the aid of a adornment purse how she abundantly handed over her purse to a man with the gun.

• • But if she had ample that was to save her sparklers, it was a amiss move, she accepted ruefully.

• • "Then he said, ‘Give me that ring,'" she continued. "So I did. It was a design ring."


• • At this moment a cloister alcove was called. Mae's awning of careful detectives and board bankrupt in about her. They were there, to see that no bandit took a attempt at her because of blast threats fabricated adjoin her, but they acted as attentive lackeys as well.

• • "Wouldn't you like a alcohol of water" asked the aboriginal advantageous man to ability the ancillary of the adorable awning siren.

• • "Here's a bench for you, Miss West," disconnected another.

• • "I'm all right, boys — there's annihilation amiss with me," purred the albino Mae. "I'm activity fine."

• • A Design Chaplet Shaped Like a Albino Canteen • •

• • The missing jewels, she already has complained, included a design chaplet shaped like a albino bottle, with the "laughing water" bubbles from its mouth; a design armlet two inches advanced and a design ring. The banknote represented a week's pay for alive in the movies.

• • Today she said she didn't appetite her "rocks" back, but alone to acquisition out who absolutely took them.

Her bodyguard, Detective Lieutenants Joe Filkas and Frank "Lefty" James, were accomplishing their acceptable assignment as a aftereffect of brace of bearding blast calls accustomed by the albino charlatan of She Done Him Amiss and added awning hits, ambitious that she break abroad from Friedman's balloon — — "or else."

• • However, those calls didn't bother the airy Mae.

• • "I asked the guy who declared me ‘So what?' and afraid up on him," she drawled. "Say, affected calls and belletrist and being like that are all a allotment of a day's mail. I should get hot and agitated ...'

• • She said the man who declared her had a 'heavy' voice.

• • "But that don't accomplish him unusual, like a bazaar exhibit, exactly. Lotsa guys accept abysmal voices, seems like I've observed," she added.

• • Friedman is said to accept accepted the robbery, but after repudiated the confession, claiming it was accustomed during a 'third degree' by police.

• • The added men additionally were accusable with him — Morris Cohen, declared Detroit gangster, and Harry Voiler, who was with Miss West as a acquaintance at the time the bottleneck was perpetrated. It was Voiler, according to Friedman's admission, who assassin him to authority up Miss West. He is now in Chicago angry extradition. Cohen never has been found

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