X-ray latest news and developments of the day 08/11/2010

Rayon-based perspective of electromagnetic radiation, which is characterized by a large force and the similar nature of the short wavelength ultraviolet radiation [T] and γ gamma radiation.
There is no clear boundary with the X-rays and gamma rays, the wavelength change of X - ray from 10-7-10-1 cm or 0.1 equivalent of 100 angstroms.
So Knrad Roentgen Roentgen discovered and in 1895, and gives the name of the X - ray or unknown (xx) when he was ignorant of nature, and called the name of the X - ray, extending his memory.It was pointed out, X-ray imaging of the nature of the sensitive plate window Zia, despite the hidden layer of cardboard, is part of the hollow tube of glass curtain walls at both ends of the air passing between the spark.
X-ray radiation
Published under the authority of each perspective by fast electron impact and high liquidity. It includes a modern glass cathode ray tube cathode glow cathode vacuum container Shiite cable and a piece of metal anode can be together. When the temperature is high by current hot wire to the terminal, which will release some of the physical release of electrons from the warming event known ions (ion), if applicable, the incandescent delay between the control line high (cathode) and a piece of metal (elevator) accelerate the move in the direction of electron movement lifts beat him, and made a collision energy of the photons and several components of the total X-ray and a lot of heat cool down the elevator to continue, for the X-ray of 1% of the engine power, electron collision elevator, and have lost much of this heat.
It consists of X - ray, due to collisions between electrons and articles of the two presidents was the first one is the wavelength of the beam is connected to a pleasant little to do with the type of chemical substances and to enjoy the lift characteristics of the second wave of sharp curves of the emission spectrum the type of the line materials, chemical lift. Thus, this latter type the name of the X - ray of transactions.
On the ability to penetrate the length of the substance or effect of light Mujtha, so the kinetic energy of the electron collision with the elevator, the greater the energy of electrons in the long-wavelength X-ray is short and very strong and cruel. In contrast, when the wavelength of this energy X-ray provides a very long time, and some powerful software, the greater the proportion of mobile electronic delay command is applied (voltage) when he approached a wavelength of 50 million volts X-ray wavelength range close.
Performance Perspective
Can Roentgen discovered X-ray characteristics of quality, and eventually lead to the ray fluorescence materials, including platinum barium cyanide. The use of silver photographic emulsion. And the elimination of the charge material. Most of the material and transparent to them. It goes straight. It will not change the flow direction, through the magnetic box, so it is not a stream of charged particles. Points, when it reaches the ray tube of any material. Heavy elements, the most profitable terms for extradition. It does not reflect, not easily broken Kalocap light.

X-ray photography of the stomach (stations)

Physical work, since the discovery of X-ray study their properties in detail and that they occurred, because of their ionization in the article by article according to the different ionization energy Votonatha.
Early / X-ray in medicine, industry, and the doctor is the first benefit from this, due to the absorption rate of different tissues, depending on the type of organization for endoscopic radial fluoride and research private body movement, and then use closed-circuit TV images transmitted fluorescent screen TV for endoscopy in the field of radiology, and thus reducing the amount of radiation needed to produce fluorinated TV images.
For the X - ray radiology various body organs, and then enter the computer's use of and access to more accurate and detailed images for members of different machines (classes).
X-ray is used to treat cancer and prevent its spread, physics, the ability to increase its influence in various tissues of the body into the deep tumors, Fastammelt linear accelerator, which is today the most advanced radiation therapy equipment.
Also used in industrial inspection X-ray cracks and defects in the form of wood and metal for the manufacture of ships, and to help study these ray absorption spectroscopy in the article, so that the method X - ray detection of elements in different materials and analysis. In this case we use the X - ray characteristics of each chemical element.
Showed more than a decade since the first use of X rays in medicine (diagnosis and treatment), these rays are not without adverse effects. I knew from the beginning, the use of endoscopy by a physician when the radial cracks, which can cause burns on the hands of medical research and bone marrow and gonads. The results show that, after his life, the harmful effects of radiation, even in small quantities, which will lead to some changes in the lives of chromosomes within the nucleus (mutations), followed by birth defects or breach of the proliferation of these cells, and therefore death.
He said that in the X-ray effects in living cells in the third phase, cell division, so it is a living tissue cell division active, is the most affected bone Konsjp brain and gonads.
Therefore, pregnant women fell to the doctors early in pregnancy, condoms to protect workers. In addition, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Sub-Committee's recommendations for the protection and safety of X-ray is a special publication in the law and use the rules of these rays and the basis for the best equipment manufacturers refuse to radio, identified as X-ray maximum allowable ingredients and to avoid damage is negligible.

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