Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives... America, Behold Your Self-Declared Enemy

As the reader may now know, the "Progressive" movement is of the same nature and etiology as Communism and Fascism. It is Marxism and Social Darwinism (see Animal Farm). It is Anti-American. It is the enemy our founding principles -- of our founding national charter: The Declaration of Independence and of the governmental charter that our "public servants," including our military, and law enforcement personnel, swear to preserve and protect from enemies both foreign and domestic: The United States Constitution.

This Marxism lies, to make its way. It steals, to empower itself. It enslaves, to sustain itself. In one way and another, this enemy murders.

Here is our "program" -- of at least those individuals in the House of Representatives who have the "audacity" to admit it, supplied by Wikipedia

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