Julia O'Malley gets the skinny on Levi Johnston and his entourage.

I am fairly amazed that Julia got this interview.

In my attempts to learn information I have bounced off the wall that is Tank a number of times.

He guards Levi like a mother lion protecting her cubs and I have never managed to get access despite my repeated attempts.

Here Julia also notes how hard it is to get access.

It's not easy to get an interview with Levi. Tabloids are out. Rex turned down The New York Times because they were too pushy. He also didn't appreciate it when a reporter ambushed Levi with a microphone. "We're CNN! We're CNN!" Rex recalled them saying.

"Our position was, 'We'll be seeing you. We'll be seeing you,' " he said.

Being selective is part of maintaining mystery around his client, Rex said. He didn't allow him to sit for too many interviews because there were some parts of the story that wouldn't be revealed until he writes a book.

So far, Levi hasn't turned his fame into serious cash, but Rex and Tank think he's poised to change that. Journalists are asking him more about himself now, rather than focusing on the Palins.

"People want to know more about what Levi knows," Rex said.

I asked Levi what he thought people wanted from him. He was quiet for about 15 seconds.

"I don't know," he said.

Tank came to the rescue. Americans love an underdog, he said.

The one thing I CANNOT figure out is why Levi has not managed to make a book deal yet?

I would sell my house and give Levi the money for the opportunity to write that book!

Well all I know is when it gets written I will be one of the first people in line to buy it.

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