Former 'partner' for peace in Paksitan charged with treason

‘We have registered a case of treason, rebellion and terrorism against Sufi Mohammad,’ Swat police chief Sajid Khan Mohmand said by telephone.

He has been charged on the basis of a speech he delivered on April 19, declaring that he does not believe in democracy, the constitution of Pakistan or its judicial and parliamentary system, Mohmand said.

‘A case of waging war and conspiracy against the country has also been registered,’ he said.


Police lodged criminal charges against TNSM chief Sufi Mohammad, a cleric who helped negotiate a peace deal with the Swat valley Taliban, accusing Sunday him of aiding terrorism, sedition and conspiring against the government, police said.

The case against him could indicate Pakistan is moving away from its past willingness to negotiate with militants, but it also could be a way to pressure Mohammad to reveal any information he has about the location of the Swat Valley Taliban’s leaders, who have evaded capture despite the military offensive.


But he mobilized thousands of volunteers to fight in Afghanistan after the US-led invasion in 2001. He was jailed in 2002 but was freed last year after renouncing violence.


Hopefully, Pakistan will recognize that his release was a mistake they will not make again. This guy should be the gold standard in the futility of negotiating with the Taliban. They are not honorable people and they must be destroyed.

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