Acme People Search Review

Hi Fellow Affiliate Marketers,

You have tried making money on the net and only lost so far?

You have joined pay per click programs, data entry, paid surveys, form filling jobs, bought e-books, multilevel marketing programs and tried every thing to make money?

How you have wondered that there are so many people who have made money on line and you have not?

I am telling you about a genuine program that helps you make money.! Here is one program from which you really make money. The beauty of this program is that you make money from multiple streams with very little effort.

You don't need to build a website, you don't have to know how to write HTML, you don't need to do any selling, you don't need to do any e-mailing. The money comes in an autopilot mode! There are many of us who are earning a steady stream of income through this program.

The program is a carefully chosen a niche which was little explored by the big search engines! The program has taken earning through affiliate marketing to a new level.

How does this program work?

You sign up for free
and you will get a complete people search engine site. It is not a replicated site (replicated sites are sort of those sites where the original website URL is used but masked with your domain name). You own a truly complete search engine.

There are 3 steps to follow:

1. Affiliatize -
you become affiliates of 3 programs which bring in residual income - Clickbank, HD Publishing and My Life.

I have seen that there are many who struggle a bit in this step and give up. Don't give up! You are just signing up for Clickbank, HD publishing and My Life in this step and that just takes a little time, that is all. It is not at all complicated.

And if you are only going to promote affiliating the search engine, you don't need to become an affiliate of Clickbank, HD Publishing and My Life. But you will not earn from these companies if you don't sign up for them. There is an option in the back office, which allows you to auto fill your sponsor/referrer's Ids. Just select that, with just one click, you have completed step1

2. Monetize
This is where you become an affiliate of GDI (Global Domains International). You host your search engine on a domain name that you choose when you become an affiliate with GDI. You will get a 7 day free trial after which there is a charge of 10$ a month which includes hosting of your site. You also get e-mail accounts. You do not have to buy a hosting plan separately as you do with other providers, it is all inclusive!

To host your search engine, choose basic hosting option and the program will take care of all hosting, updating contents to your website. So easy, especially for those who don't know any web designing, coding. You just have to follow some simple instructions for the first time set up.

3. Advertise
This is the easiest of them all. All you have to do is select "advertise" option and you will get a credit of 125$ within 24 hours!.

Few points on how to earn money using this affiliate program:

1. Promoting your search engine

The search engine is primarily focused on USA. Choose your target location as USA and promote your site through PPC, free advertisement sites, viral marketing, link building.......

You will earn commissions from Clickbank, HD Publishing and My Life.

2. Promoting the affiliate program.

The program pays up to 30$ in commissions for each sign up, when someone joins the program. When someone completes step1, you earn 5$, when they complete step2, you earn 10$ and when they complete step3, you earn 15$.

If just 5 people complete 3 steps in a day, you earn you earn 150$. In a month? you can earn up to 4500$, not bad for an hour of effort a day! That is good money making.

  • For each step1 completion, you earn 5$
  • For each step2 completion, you earn 10$
  • For each step3 completion, you earn 15$

It pays you twice a month (every 14th and 28th) and the minimum payout for the first time is only 200$ which is easy to reach. Then onwards there are no minimum limits!

When you complete step2, you will become an affiliate of GDI. This is where you generate income for life. GDI (Global Domain International) has exclusive rights to .ws extension (like .com, .net, .org). GDI is free to join and you get a 7 day free trial. What do you get? You get a domain, hosting, e-mail accounts, site builder all inclusive for 10$ a month! You host your search engine on your domain on GDI.

GDI pays you commissions 5 levels down! We use the people search engine to build a GDI down line! That is the secret many of are following to earn income. Want to know more about GDI? Click here

GDI pays you commissions once a month even if it is just 10$! GDI also pays 100$ bonus for every 5 sign ups in a week.

You also get free advertising credits close to 1000$ when you sign up with GDI which means you start with almost zero investment! Many other programs charge you a sign up fee but this program rocks!

With GDI, you build a 5 level down line that earns you residual income for life! Your retirement money! See the testimonials from many happy affilaites here!

Overall, the program may not look very straight forward for those who want to earn a quick buck. But where else you can earn income in multiple streams with little effort? This is the right program. Start Now!

Believe me, I have tried selling over the net, many of those easily marketable products and have not made a dime so far! Yes, I have bought those e-books, signed up for those money making websites et al only to have a hole in my wallet!

With This program and GDI, it works!

With Acme people search, they will do all the selling work for you. Yes, they do. I can tell you by my own experience. I had missed out mailing couple of my prospects and after a few days I get mails from my down line which was a bit surprising! When I checked it out, they had followed up on my behalf! You just can't ask for more! They follow up with the prospects, provide continuous guidance which is just too good!

There is also a forum for all the members where people share valuable information and guidance to others who need it! It is all about teamwork here. If you are new to internet marketing, this is one of the best choices!

I am quite happy that I joined this affilaite program, so would you! Sign up here for free

There are huge number of resources in the members forum once you sign up. Members are very helpful and especially if you are a newbie, you get to learn a lot! Please make use of the resources available in the forum!

There is always that little bit of learning when you start but there are people out there to help you! I have not seen any other program which has such a wonderful support!

Want to earn directly from GDI? GDI pays commissions up to 5 levels down! Weekly bonuses of 100$s for 5 sign ups! Income potential is huge! Click here or the banner to join GDI for free 7 day trial and only 10$ a month for a complete domain, hosting solution and become an affiliate to earn Income for Life!

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