Death Photo of David Carradine Leaked, Family Threatening Legal Action

Brother Keith Carradine confirms that the family are planning to take legal action against any media that reprints the late actor's death photo which was leaked by a Bangkok tabloid this weekend.
© Glenn Harris/PR Photos
A photograph showing the naked body of David Carradine at the scene where he was found dead in Bangkok, Thailand last week has been leaked by a local tabloid called "Thai Rath." The pic, which was put on the cover of the publication on Saturday, June 6, showed the late actor's a naked body suspended from a bar in the closet, with his hands apparently bound together above his head. David's face has been blackened out in the shot. And while the tabloid didn't spill the bean about the source from which they got the picture, local police say they believe it is a picture of David's body taken by a forensics team that examined his death case. David's family members are said to be very outraged over the leak of the shot and are threatening to pursue legal action against any media outlet that reprints image of the 72-year-old actor's death. Regarding the matter, David's brother Keith Carradine has released a statement, saying "The family wants it understood that, per attorney Mark Geragos, any persons, publications or media outlets will be fully prosecuted for invasion of privacy and causing severe emotional distress if the photos are published." A new suspicion, in the meantime, has emerged concerning the possible cause of David's death. New speculation has just surfaced from his family, claiming he might be murdered to silence his investigation into deadly underground martial arts organizations. "Absolutely," Keith's lawyer Mark Geragos answered when asked about the matter in an interview with "Larry King Live" on Friday, June 5. "What that means is connected to martial arts and his interest in martial arts. So there is a suspicion of foul play. That may be the first area where they should look."

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