Wall’s advisor makes interesting comments about UK

Luke Winn of SI.com has an interesting piece addressing three game-changing questions in college basketball.

The first deals with John Wall, in which the Raleigh guard’s advisor and former AAU coach says that is not inaccurate to assume that Duke, Miami and Kentucky are the three finalists.

But Brian Clifton also makes some interesting comments about UK and the signing of Eric Bledsoe.


Clifton, who met with Wall and his mother on Monday night, gave some insight into the schools’ respective situations, with the most interesting comments being about Kentucky, which has publicly been considered the front-runner since John Calipari jumped from Memphis on March 31. Wall has confirmed that he’s still considering the Wildcats after they accepted Bledsoe’s commitment, but, Clifton said, “The knee-jerk reaction, and justifiably so, would be to take a minute of pause to look further into it. Because I can’t imagine, to get a player like Eric Bledsoe, that [Kentucky] would tell him, we’re going to recruit over you immediately and not play you very much as a freshman.

“There had to be some assurances made to him about being able to share the ball, that would inspire him to commit despite the possibility of John still coming there. … So we have to revisit that situation and make sure it’s going to be great to have two of the top four point guards on the roster at once.”

By revisiting it, Clifton said hopes to talk to Calipari as well as Bledsoe’s camp, to see what their expectations are for next season at Kentucky. (Bledsoe has been quoted as saying that he and Wall can coexist on the court, and that, “I’m going to play my position either if [Wall does go to UK] or he don’t.”) Said Clifton, “It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, but I’d be remiss in my duty as a guy that’s helping John and his family if we don’t explore it fully.”

Winn also examines the impact of whether Jodie Meeks stays in the draft, or comes back to the Cats.

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