Political correctness, enemy of America.

America through intelligent founders, a Nation of freedom & laws, many wars, 230 + years of economic growth, dozens of Presidents, a high value of gun rights, our Christian faith - has become the greatest & freest Nation on the face of the earth, which no other Nation can compete with.

Yet, America has a new battle on her hands, a battle for independence of thought, a battle for freedom of speech & religion, a battle for the heart and soul of this great Nation. The enemy is stealth, the enemy has many faces, and many followers, that enemy is political correctness.

In a 2006 Senate election in the great state of Virginia, political correctness even cost a Republican Senator his seat in the Senate, because of a comment taken out of context - or should I say a comment said innocently, but taken out of context and pushing it towards phony racism via political correctness, Senator George Allen lost the election by 11,000 votes. Leftists pushed political correctness as pure racism, and caused Senator Allen his election.

This enemy also has selected correctness, as it used as a weapon against Republicans, Conservatives, and average day Americans, but often more disgusting remarks are forgotten when used by Democrats. Think about it, political correctness has developed from censoring certain words to censoring opinion that dare challenge Democrat thought, lets recall Ms.California Carrie Prejean who spoke out against homosexual marriage, her life has been destroyed and attacked because of her beliefs.

Political correctness has also led to the censoring of American Conservatism in England, as talk show host Michael Savage has been banned for his blunt Conservative opinions, while England falsely claims he has ever called to incite violence, hell England doesn't even broadcast his show there!

You can no longer say Merry Christmas for risk of offending someone, you can no longer celebrate Columbus day at Brown University because it may offend some moronic liberal, thus the name has been changed, you can no longer preach from certain parts of the Bible, because it might confirm that homosexuality is an abomination.

Is this the America our Founders wanted?

Is the this America You want?

A Senator has lost his seat, a beauty has been attacked and might lose her crown, and a Conservative has been banned for his political convictions.

We need to stop this political correctness manure now, or else it will destroy the fabric of freedom in America.

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