Obama to Limit Intel Cooperation With... Britain?!

This is a very discouraging and outrageous story. If it comes true, then President Obama has already forfeited a huge amount of chance of credibility on foreign policy. Yes: President Obama is threatening to limit our intelligence sharing with Great Britain, our closest ally.

Why? Did the Brits assist terrorists? Did they give Iran the bomb? No.

A terrorist is claiming that he was tortured by the British. If the Brits release a memo regarding this alleged "torture" it may make Obama look foolish, especially if they do it before the United States is set to release four "torture" memos.

At issue is whether the British courts will disclose a seven-paragraph summary of the treatment of Binyam Mohamed, a former detainee who was released from Guantanamo Bay prison in February.

It appears that Obama is attempting to cover up alleged abuses by American agents...

And remember, the cover-up is always worse than the crime itself.

So why is Obama doing this? Wouldn't releasing a potentially juicy "torture" memo help him blame George Bush for everything? Well... it could be a couple of things.

1. The treatment was not torture, undercutting Obama's "moral authority."


2. The "torture" named may be part of the President's existing arsenal of tactics to deal with terrorism. This would make him a hypocrite, and perhaps a liar.

Still, we'll see what happens.

But to threaten an allied government with limitations on intel sharing for a political purpose. This is far and away a shame. The Democrats called on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to retire over legal firings of US attorneys... which they claim were for political purposes. That pales in comparison with the idea that Obama may again snub the British.

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