Obama to Give Taliban 'Recognition' for Cease-Fire

Hajjaj Keveshadze

President Barack Obama of the United States of America is going to offer the Taliban fighters of Afghanistan and Pakistan a deal. This deal is to give them official recognition in exchange for the stopping of fighting.

Dr. Ali Jafaradze of Tehran University believes that this deal is meant to encircle Iran, "With American influence in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, they mean to crush our nation with American imperialist zeal."

According to the secret plan, which our spies intercepted on April 30, Obama plans to visit Karachi and meet with Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban. He will then offer the Taliban vast regions of Baluchistan in Iran so that the Taliban will stop attacking the American ally Pakistan.

Obama is afraid of the influence of Iran in the region. He is also afraid of our peaceful nuclear program, meant to spread cheap electricity to the entire Middle East, thus defusing American influence.

While in Karachi, Obama may meet with Osama bin Laden and coordinate attacks against Iranian targets. Members of the Mossad may also attend this top-secret meeting.

President Ahmadinejad says that he will not be intimidated by these reports.

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