Obama: Lesser Political Parties "Unnecessary"

Richard Edelman
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WASHINGTON- In what experts are calling a "ground-breaking move," President Obama Sunday called "lesser" political parties unnecessary, hinting that he may consider outlawing them.

"There can only be so many points of views in our country," the President said at a press conference on Sunday. "It is clear that parties such as the Socialist Party, Workers Party, or Libertarian Party will never represent a meaningful percent of the American public. They simply cannot contribute to the electoral process.

"I hate to say it, but it may be easier and cheaper to remove these parties," President Obama continued. "In a time of recession, we can benefit two-fold from removing these smaller parties. One, by ending these entities, it will be much cheaper to run elections and count votes. Two, we need political unity in a time like this, and lesser parties, such as the Constitution Party, only serve as divisive.

"I will never say that we should get rid of these parties," Obama said, "I just feel the need to outline the benefits that are possible."

The President's speech, which has largely been ignored by the media, has still been met with massive resistance. "I can't believe what he is alluding to," said Henry Epstike, a member of the Green Party. "To say that we must silence dissent by getting rid of other parties is ridiculous."

Patricia Chires, an Independent, stated her outrage, stating, "What, just because I think that machine politics are ruining the two-party system, I am wrong? I don't like the Democrat or Republican party because they don't listen to their roots. But am I suppose to join them because the President demands it? I don't think so."

Even with many lesser party members stating their disapproval with the President's proposal, he still plans to make a speech to Congress within the next month.

"It is something we must deal with," the President said. "We cannot have dissenters in the government."

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