GOP ; in 2012, we need a Conservative Governor.

After four years of Obama, Americans will be pleading for real change in America, actually its not change, its just returning to the principles of the Founders, Ronald Reagan, and Conservatism as a whole. The Presidential election of 2012 will be closer then the last one nearly 6 months ago.

Unlike other Presidential primary seasons, the Republicans party needs its base to come out in droves, and we need only Republicans voting in the primaries - we cannot risk sabotage from the Democrat party or their cronies, this upcoming primary season is to important.

Regardless of what some say, the 2012 Presidential election has already started, we already have numerous issues to pound Obama on, and Conservative in National defense, gun rights, economics, even abortion are garnering high returns in numbers, just after 100 days of the most liberal president in American history.

Conservatism & the Republican party have a date with destiny, we have the tools for victory, the momentum of the movement, and a new feeling of true fiscal conservatism.

Only one question remains.

Who should the Republican nominee be? As selected by Republican votes across the United States.

The candidate needs to fill three main criteria ;

1. Be either the former or current Governor of a state, we need executive experience.

2. Be Conservative, much more then John McCain, he repulsed the base on many issues.

3. Be a common American, not a Conservative elite, we need real Americans - with limited Washington experience.

In other words, we need "state smarts" for the Republican nominee in 2012, someone who governs on principles and has done a good job for that state.

Governor Palin, Governor Jindal, Governor Otter, Governor Sanford, Governor Purdue all come to mind during this discussion. They all are Conservatives, and all have done a good job governing within their own states with their own solid principles. I can also name Senators DeMint, Kyle, Sessions, Ensign, entire Wyoming & Oklahoma delegation, and others as good candidates as well.

In summary, we need a Conservative Republican Governor to be the 2012 Republican nominee for President, I can almost guarantee the primary season will be a long hard battle amongst Republicans, but we will be united for victory behind a strong candidate who represents our strong Conservative values.

Message for Moderates :

I am sure somewhere - somehow a moderate Republican will read this article and get bent out of shape, so I want to address your criticism right now. We do not need Republicans like Governor Crist of Florida who begged for stimulus money, but Republicans like Governor Palin who fought to deny a good portion of the stimulus.

In other words, we need the most Capitalistic Governor we can find.

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