England bans USA Conservatism

Unlike the rest of the world, the United States via the first amendment protects the freedom of speech, whether it be private or political related. This was especially put in place for political reasons so dissent could not be banned or not subject to penalty, however many President's during a time of war (never George W. Bush) have shut down all dissent. Which I have never supported, because then you become like those you have sworn to fight.

For decades, radio was just music, because talk radio did not exist, as it does today. The reasons is because of the fairness doctrine, which virtually made it illegal for a station to air one opinion only, usually to an area where that opinion is highest, thus going against the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. President Reagan changed that in the late 1980's, which gave talk radio new standing in the political spectrum, and has led to a Conservative medium - in a liberally biased media world.

If you follow Conservative talk radio as I do, you have heard of the big names ; Rush Limbaugh, Sena Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levine, etc. Then you also know, out of the entire bunch of great talkers, that Michael Savage is not afraid to voice his opinion. Critics have launched attack after attack on Savage, each one has failed just like the one before it. Save is brutal honest truth telling Conservatives, he cares little of what anyone thinks of his opinion, that's why his audience keeps coming back.

Lets ask this question now, a Conservative talk show hosts giving his opinion against a jihadist planning attacks/calling for attacks in America & England, who is more of a threat to America, hell even England? According to England, that would be Conservative talk show host Michael Savage, who has never advocated for violence, overthrow of government, or any other act of disobedience against the law, has been banned from England.

England has called Savage an extremist, how about Rev. Wright who has advocated anti-American views for 20 years, except Wright does not fit into the Department of Homeland Security's right wing extremism report.

What will the price of limiting political/religious free speech have on America?

In conclusion, England has banned a Conservative because of his political beliefs & opinions, yet Americans have remained silent to attempts to regulate/limit political free speech on talk radio and on the Internet, lets also remind folks that so called "hate crimes" legislation going through Congress currently, we pretty much ban the laws of God of ever being taught.

Our first amendment, makes or breaks the Constitution & America, which side are you on?

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