Democrats push Un-Constitutional fairness doctrine.

I want to seriously pose a question to all that will read this blogpost, some on the Democrat side of the American political spectrum have called for a "fairness doctrine" to takeover American talk radio, saying that the blatant bias is against America's best interest, and that we need supposed "fairness".

First off, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech & freedom press, meaning the government has no right to touch the radio dial or anyother media in the first place.

Secondly, American talkradio serves as the balance against a liberal newspaper industry, television industry (with the exception of FoxNews), and Hollywood - which produces thousands of movies a year.

Thirdly, some Democrats claim that Americans do not receive enough public broadcasting or enough views to make informed decisions on issues because of talkradio, has anyone heard of NPR? Hundreds of stations around the county, with a liberal slant. And there are tens of thousands of media sources with various opinions in Newspaper, Talk Radio, Television, and the Internet.

Fourthly, the supposed "fairness doctrine" is 100% Un-Constitutional.

So my question is, because talkradio is the ONLY media source promoting Conservative views and opinions, which are American views & opinions, can you find any other opinions anywhere else in anyother media source? And can you make decisions on political decisions as well? Because if you can, then the chief idiotic claim of the Democrats anti-first amendment, anti-talk radio, anti-Conservatism "censorship doctrine" is 100% proven, once again I may add, false.

Also, Democrats are going after Conservative Talkradio because it dares express a Constitutional given right to express a different opinion then them.

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