Cheney Flees to Denmark to Escape Prosecution

Michele Chang
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Former Vice President Richard Cheney has apparently booked a flight to Aalborg, Denmark, possibly to escape prosecution from the United States government.

According to the Vice President's daughter's friend, Cheney has allegedly taken out a lease for an apartment in the northern part of the European nation. The conservative government there has agreed not to extradite the former VP in case of prosecution.

This comes after American Attorney General Eric Holder announced on May 8 that prosecution of Cheney over "torture" allegations is still "a possibility." Cheney was reportedly alarmed that a special prosecutor was named to investigate him personally.

While President Obama has not explicitly stated that Cheney would go on trial, rumblings from the Justice Department show that Cheney would be target number one if such hearings would take place. Rumors also place former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as next in line.

Details about Cheney's new apartment are unknown, but it is speculated that the former VP will purchase a house in the small country. His wife Lynne already owns a small farm 30 minutes northwest of the capital Copenhagen.

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