Blame the fools, not the Constitutions.

The United States of America has 51 Constitutions, 50 state - 1 federal active, most if not all, have been written and supported by the smartest/wisest in these states, as well as at the federal level in the late 1780's. The United States Constitution is perfect in many ways, from governing to the most important rights vital to a republican form of government, some have attacked it, or parts of it - but, are mostly ignored as idiots.

We do endure problems from time to time, especially on state levels where fraud & corruption hits closer to home, and Americans have a passion of finding someone - something to blame when it comes to political affairs. Sadly, in several states, of course mainly Democrat leaning, some have called for state constitutional conventions, to re-write their constitutions that have been in place for hundreds of years (in most cases).


Instead of yelling & kicking out fools who do not follow the Constitutions, they attack the system which works perfectly fine when followed correctly.

Lets look at California, they have elected a liberal group of officials to represent them, some from the GOP and a majority from the Democrat party, giving fiscal Conservatives no place for discussion in California. These so called representatives continue to raise taxes, limit freedom, and espouse liberally charged ideas - the state is falling as fast as some can count, the state is literally in billions in debt, thousands of flocking to other states, yet the people still blame the system. The funny thing is, this same exact system was in place under Reagan when he was Governor 30 years ago, we was just following it, and cutting taxes.

In conclusion, blame the fools in office, not the system. Misdirected blame, always caused un-intended results

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