America's Supreme Court matters, prepare for appointment battle.

What is the most important branch of government?

Ask any American, they will instantly name the executive branch and the office of President, others will point towards the Congress, both are important, but they are not the most important or the most vital to our Nation, the forgotten third branch of government is.

The United States Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is without a doubt the most important branch of American government, they defend the Constitution, and are suppose to rule based on the law - not personal intentions, and to interpret the Constitution as the Founders saw fit - or be originalists.

Over the past 100 years, the Supreme Court has become very political and even at times activists or unelected legislators of the worst kind, we can look at several cases the largest being Roe v. Wade, and then add the fierceness of the appointment process of new Justices, Conservatives are called evil - while liberals are called moderates, which they never are.

With all accounted, it is fair to say the Supreme Court is vital to America, we all knew during the 2008 Presidential election that the Supreme Court was an important issue, however it was hardly ever mentioned. We knew Obama would appoint a leftist who would rule on law by emotion, and not by the law or by original intent.

Enter Justice Souter.

George H.W. Bush had to replace a vacancy while in the White House, we knew from Justice Thomas how he felt about Conservative judges being on the Supreme Court, well Souter played a Conservative to Republican Senators - but once in the Court, he was a full blown liberal who has screwed us over time and time again.

Justice Souter has decided to retire, thus giving Obama his first Supreme Court appointment process - and as shown by lower court appointments, he will appoint a radical leftist with connections to the ACLU. Pressure is on Obama to appoint a liberal, hispanic, woman to the Supreme Court.

Most Conservatives, including myself have found the front runner, Judge Sonia Sotomeyer of one of the appeal courts, who believes her decisions as a Judge should be influenced by her race & gender - which has nothing and should have nothing to do with decisions regarding the law or the Constitution.

We known whomever Obama appoints will eventually be on the court, however we need to fight like hell too guard against these radical appointments - especially in Judge Sotomeyer.

One last note, according to Rasmussen polling data, 44% of Americans believe his pick will be to liberal, 41% believe it will be just about right. The Supreme Court matters, we need to capitalize on the court - and tell Aericans the importance of the law, and those that rule on it - I can guarantee, most Americans want a Conservative court.

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