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hi guys back again with me in my blog, today i will tell you about the new project that I see today, right now the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is very booming, all thing on the internet have a relation with the cryptocurrencies, and right now there are many people that know about the bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies. From that situation we can see that the bitcoin user and traders are increasing more than before, the trader and investor join into the bitcoin world is want to get more information and some profit from bitcoin. So from this problem, let me introduce to you with Cryptosouk ( ), the new platform that will work in exchange for cryptocurrencies. In this post, I will tell you about all the things that I know about the Cryptosouk I hope you enjoy it

What is CryptoSouk?

Cryptosouk is the platform that works in the exchange for all cryptocurrencies, this platform is created is because the developer and the team see about the older exchange is not reliable, not flexible e and we can see that the older platform is not safe, there are much accidents in the news about the exchange hacking. on this platform, the developer and the team are making sure that this platform is very safe than other platform.
the vision of this project is want to build the next generation of the asset exchanges for the traders, from the small traders, professional traders, and big investor with the aim of making digital currency trading accessible to everyone. So with our vision we want to makes this project is have to the main point, like the enhancing the platform for the customer experience, makes an unlimited enhancement for the platform and all applications, the best customer service for the user, fair pricing for the trading system, limitless creativity, and the most important, the developer will makes this platform is safe, more safe than other platform that we ever seen.


  • Multiple Trade Views: this platform will give you the multiple views for many coins, with easy use for the beginner traders, it will include price chart, depth chart, order book and recent trades ticker.
  • Plenty of Indicators: in tthe trading, there are many indicators that we can use for making a prediction for the future, in this platform, there are many indicators that make we easy to predict the price in the future, the next move and many other things.
  • ** Custom Trendlines**: This features can use for makes the trendlines, pitchforks and more that scale and move with the chart.
  • Interactive UI: The UI is the important things in the trading market, if the UI is complicated i think it will very hard for the user to find some information for the coin that they see.

Token Details

  • Token Ticker: Souk
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Price; 1 Souk 0.50 USD
  • ICO Date: August 22, 2018- September 22, 2018
  • Soft Cap: 1.000.000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 11.000.000 USD

Token Allocation

  • 50% for Public
  • 24% for Team and Advisors
  • 20% for Company Reserve
  • 5% for Bounty
  • 1% for Airdrop





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This platform is good for the traders and investor because with this platform the trader and the user can make the easy trading, by using the features like the indicator, multi trading view, the security, the customer services and all things that related with the trading, so if you have an interest that invests in this platform you can try to invest on Cryptosouk website ( ) and get lower price and high bonuses if you buy right now. Thank for reading my post.
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